The season for constant clamor in the political marketplace has arrived and is near its end, vying for the time, talent, and treasure of its customers, the voting public.  Attendant with the season comes its own style of ads, promises, product comparisons and sales events. 

Many seeking political office - the privilege of being our marketplace choices - also seek to convey that they have all the answers for the issues that concern us, solutions for the challenges that we face in our interactions and well laid plans for the direction of our increasingly hard earned treasure.

After Election Day, it will be over and we’ll return to our families, work-dramas and daily concerns and repeat the process all over next election season. However, all purchased products lose their luster over time.  In some cases they may work well. Often, however, we find that our product doesn’t work as well as it used to – or worse, it was not as advertised.  Unfortunately, in the political market place, there are no money back guarantees.  Quite the contrary in fact, the only guarantee we have currently is that what we pay is always going in one direction.  Sure, there may be some returns in the way of rebates, refunds and subsidies, but the key word here is, guarantee.  More on that later.

My name is Paul Venable and I am a WRITE-IN candidate for Governor of Idaho. I am a member of The Constitution Party of Idaho and its former chairman for seven years and am also the endorsed candidate of the party.  I am not otherwise as credentialed as the current mainstream candidates and consider myself a common citizen of little consequence.  I am an American by birth and an Idahoan by choice.  I am no more or less than any of the other candidates, but I see something that they either don’t see or are not telling you. I think you see it to, but have just not quite put your finger on it.

You’ve probably heard about the test that’s given to someone when they are being considered for release from the insane asylum. They are given a mop, taken into a room where a sink is overflowing and instructed to clean up the mess.  If their action is to turn off the faucet, that individual is ready for release into the real world. If, however, that individual starts mopping up the water without recognizing the source of the problem, the problem will never, ever get solved. Will it?

Government is a well oiled machine and like a teenage boy, it will ever be engaged in some activity.  As imperative as it is to teach our boys and direct them aright, so it is that we must re-purpose or redirect this tool.  In the last several decades, it's exponential growth has increased it's power to effect our lives.  What we may not have considered before is that we can use the power of government to return power to people - to Idaho Citizens and families. 

Election Day is upon us.  The sink is overflowing, and we’ve got the mop.  If a definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, then whether the Democrat, or the Republican or the Libertarian wins is irrelevant.  It’s irrelevant if the people, you and I, lose after every election.  The sink is overflowing, the mess is getting deeper and we’ll eventually we’ll need a lot of people with mops to clean house. But first, we need to turn off the faucet.

What would it be like for YOU to win an election for a change? 

The Write-in Venable for Governor campaign is built on 5 pillars that can be applied to the issues that you and I face in Idaho today.

Money-back guarantees are often offered in the market place simply because we understand that we live in a flawed world; that nothing is perfect and a producer that cares for its brand will offer some protection for a flawed product.  The political marketplace is different, though, for it is no small matter that the power to tax is the power to destroy.  Government has no money, except what it extracts from the people.  The Founding Fathers recognized the frailty of men - especially when they are entrusted with any degree of power.  So, how did they propose liberty be guaranteed?  It is quite well expressed by Thomas Jefferson...

"Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves, therefore, are its only safe depositories..."
--Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Virginia Q.XIV, 1782. ME 2:207

It is up therefore up to you and me and our neighbors to weigh the products in the political marketplace against that standard we've inherited.

…for Liberty